Paul Alexandro wins best leading actor @Madrid

Madrid, SPAIN. Monday July 21, 2014. Paul Alexandro has done it again.  This time he wins best leading actor at the Madrid International Film Festival.  His portrayal of Peter Grecco in the independent film 3:13is being recognized by top film critics during the 2014 festival run.  Paul Alexandro, who was directed by his brother David Jaure expressed the importance of […]

Creating awareness on CNN @CalaShow

Miami, USA. Tuesday May 10, 2014. Film director and writer David Jaure presented the feature film “3:13” at the Cala Show on CNN together with his brother, actor Paul Alexandro.After several light and funny comments from the host the conversation got serious and their mission to create awareness on world homelessness was made present. They spoke […]

Alexandro wins Best Lead Actor at Cinerockom in LA

Los Angeles, California. September 5th 2015. The feature film 3:13 Homeless movie wins main awards at the Cinerockom International Film Festival. Best feature film, best Director, in addition to Paul Alexandro winning Best Leading Actor for his role portrayal of Peter Grecco. The drama based on true events has been acclaimed since last year on its film […]

3:13 Homeless Movie Trailer is out!

The long awaited 3:13 movie trailer is finally available. After years of hard work director David Jaure released the trailer depicting actor Paul Alexandro as “Peter Grecco”, a homeless victim struggling to survive the harsh streets of Miami after the tumultuous economic breakdown of 2008.

My friend Tiger Woods

My friend Tiger Woods.By Paul Alexandro I grew up in a remote valley in the Southern hemisphere, surrounded by soaring mountains which seemed like bunker-walls blocking the latest news bulletins.  We only received broadcasts of plaid pants and oversize hard-collar shirt pros winning the occasional major.  As a single digit handicapper under the age of 9, […]

Miami Shoot Magazine features movie 3:13

Miami brothers come together for a greater cause by finalizing their first feature film 3:13.  David and Paul Jaure are a uniquemovie industry phenomenon.  David, the younger of the two siblings is the director & writer of the homeless feature based on real life  events.  Paul Jaure, who’s screen name is Paul Alexandro stars as […]