Miami, USA. Tuesday May 10, 2014.

Film director and writer David Jaure presented the feature film “3:13” at the Cala Show on CNN together with his brother, actor Paul Alexandro.
After several light and funny comments from the host the conversation got serious and their mission to create awareness on world homelessness was made present.

They spoke about their partnership with the homeless charity HomelessWorldAid.organd the ability to donate a “Homeless Kit“.
Paul explained how during his research and while getting into character before a scene, many homeless individuals surrounding the set always complained about the “harsh cement”… This was the idea behind the creation of the kit which is being distributed in Miami.  Each homeless kit includes a cushion/seat, soap, water, toothbrush and toothpaste, a nutrition bar and wipes.
Both brothers are working hard finding sponsors like Colgate and Nature Valley to help fill the kits.  (To help please contact the charity at:

The interview ended with a strong message consistent to the movie’s tag-line which is “It can happen to anyone”.

Both guests insisted we are all human beings and we need to stop ignoring our homeless population.

View the full interview here:  Cala Show on CNN